Photography as Knowledge (Re-)Production in Twentieth-Century East Asia

17th to 19th February 2022
Note: Panel discussions will be held online with local meeting rooms reserved for streaming, special events and refreshments.
Day 1   17/02/2022
(Online via Zoom/CATS Hörsaal 010.01.05)
14:00 8:00 22:00

Welcome remarks from workshop organisers

Yanling Li, Shixin Liang, Giulia Pra Floriani, and Fengyu Wang

14:15 8:15 22:15

Keynote lecture: Anti-Photography and Opaque Images

Towards an Alternative Narrative on the Genealogy of East-Asian Photography, from Meiji to Contemporary Practices

Ayelet Zohar (Tel Aviv University)

Moderation: Sarah E. Fraser (Heidelberg University)

15:15 9:15 23:15

Coffee break

15:30 9:30 23:30

Memory/everyday life (a)

Chair: Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg University)

Colour Dictionary: Revolutionary China’s Souvenir Photographs
Shaowen Zhang, Harvard University

The Lens of Everyday Life: Amateur Photography and Modern Life in 1930s China
Mi Zhou, University of St Andrews

Fractured Memories, Divided Frames: Revisiting Park Chan-kyong’s Black Box (1997)
Minna Lee, Princeton University

17:00 11:00 1:00 (+1)

Coffee break

17:15 11:15 1:15 (+1)

Discursive spaces/situated knowledge

Chair: Maki Fukuoka (University of Leeds)

Margaret’s Letter: A Digital Media Shared Experience
Celio H. Barreto Ramos, Seneca College

Night Excursions to West Lake: Photography and Expositions in Modern China, 1911-1929
Xinyue Yuan, UC Irvine

“A Vast Territory with Rich Resources” (dida wubo): Reframing Nature Through Photographic Objects in the 1950s
Yi Liu, UC San Diego

18:45 12:45 2:45 (+1)

Coffee break

19:00 13:00 3:00 (+1)

Book launch: Photography’s appearances in China: over- and underestimated

Photography in China: Science, Commerce and Communication (Routledge, 2021)

Oliver Moore (University of Groningen)

Moderation: Barbara Mittler (Heidelberg University)

Day 2   18/02/2022
(Online via Zoom/ ZO Room 120.01.10)
10:00 4:00 18:00

Memory/everyday life (b)

Chair: Ayelet Zohar (Tel Aviv University)

Portraying the Self or Performing the Other? Costume Photo, Transformed Body, and Gender Performance in The Goddess Scatters Flowers (Tiannü sanhua, 1917)
Jiaqi Wang, CU Boulder

From Aerial Photography to New Documentary: Representation of Disasters between 1923 and 1945 in Japanese Photography
Shih-cheng Huang, SOAS

Visualising the Postwar Shadow: Ishiuchi Miyako, Tōmatsu Shōmei, and Yokosuka
Ji Hye Alice Han, Sophia University

11:30 5:30 19:30

Coffee break

11:45 5:45 19:45

Ecology/built environment

Chair: Oliver Moore (University of Groningen)

Representation and Excavation in Engineering Landscapes
Shirley Ye, University of Birmingham

Construction Photography in Post-independence Pune (India): An Emerging Tool of Building Practice?
Sarah Melsens, University of Antwerp

12:45 6:45 20:45

Lunch break

14:00 8:00 22:00

Special lecture: For a Photographic Pedagogy of Unlearning

Franz Prichard (Princeton University)

Moderation: Yanling Li (Heidelberg University)

15:15 9:15 23:15

Eye-witnessing/social reality

Chair: Thy Phu (University of Toronto)

The New Photography Movement: From “Scientific” Knowledge to Social Realism
Mycah Braxton, Harvard University

Bringing the Human World Home: Renjian (Human World) Magazine and Third World Photojournalism
Po-hsi Chen, University of Cambridge

Eva Sandberg Siao: Photographs of the Reconstruction of Tiananmen Square in 1959
Lin Du, UCLA

16:45 10:45 00:45(+1)

Coffee break

17:00 11:00 1:00 (+1)

Book launch: Warring Visions: Photography and Vietnam (Duke University Press, 2022)

Thy Phu (University of Toronto)

Moderation: Giulia Pra Floriani (Heidelberg University)

18:00 12:00 2:00 (+1)

Coffee break

18:15 12:15 2:15 (+1)

Film screening: Memories of China

(CATS Hörsaal 010.01.05 and online)

Based on Thomas Sauvin’s collection and Shixin Liang’s research on the Beijing Silvermine. Director: Emiland Guillerme. Film with English subtitles.

Followed by a discussion among Emiland Guillerme, Thomas Sauvin, Barbara Mittler, Shixin Liang and students from the seminar Intimate Histories at Heidelberg University

Day 3   19/02/2022
(Online Via Zoom/ ZO Room 120.01.10)
10:00 4:00 18:00

Photographic art reproduction

Chair: Fengyu Wang and Giulia Pra Floriani (Heidelberg University)

Unboxing ‘Exotica’: Perspectives on Non-European Art in the Bruckmann Archive
Franziska Lampe, ZI Munich

Reading a Photograph: Auguste Rodin, Victor Goloubew and the Possibilities of the Art Book in Ars Asiatica (Éditions G. Van Oest, 1914–1935)
Elise Dupré, Ghent University

11:00 5:00 19:00

Coffee break

11:15 5:15 19:15


Chair: Sarah E. Fraser (Heidelberg University)

The Photo Series of the “Archaeological-historical Expeditions” from the Archives of the Japanese Colonial Government of Korea
Jeehye Kim, University of Salzburg

Rediscovering the Frontier: the Northwest Photography in Republican Chinese Media (1931-1945)
Feng Guo, University of Edinburgh

Combining the History of Photography and Anthropology in Postwar Taiwan: Chang Tsai and His Photographs Revisited
Peng-hui Wang, CTGU

12:45 6:45 20:45

Lunch break

14:00 8:00 22:00


Chair: Franz Prichard (Princeton University)

Printed Windows, Traveling Frames: Transnational Photograph Albums and Missionary Visualities in Modern China and Taiwan
Joseph W. Ho, Albion College

Disobedient Photobook: Photobooks and Protest Image in Contemporary Hong Kong
Wing Ki Lee, HKBU

Busshitsu in Photography: The Materiality of Photographed Objects in Conceptual Photography in Japan and California in the 1960s–1970s
Asako Katsura, UC Irvine

15:30 9:30 23:30

Coffee break

15:45 9:45 23:45

Keynote lecture: Seeing, Showing, and Returning: Tsuchida Hiromi's Fukushima

Maki Fukuoka (University of Leeds)

Moderation: Melanie Trede (Heidelberg University)

16:45 10:45 00:45(+1)


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